New Xiaomi Notebook pro 250 MX

New Xiaomi Notebook pro 250 MX

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    I went today to a Xioami store and saw that they have since this month Notebook pro with a mx 250 in them.


    First I wanted to get the GTX 1050 (I7, 16gb), but after reading that it overheats easily while gaming and editing, I started to think about other models.

    As looking up the reviews from the MX 150 here, this model seems to work great for light gaming and editing.

    I could not find any reviews about the MX 250 version however.


    Should I still get the GTX 1050 or now the MX 250?


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    MX 250 is really just a higher clocked MX150. If your main idea is to game a lot then I would get 1050 it will still be faster overall for gaming.

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    Thanks to the increased core speeds (up to +21% in Boost for the 25 Watt version), the new MX250 should be slightly faster than the older MX150. First benchmarks indicate a 5% increase.


    5% only not worth it!!!!

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    ok thanks

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