Not Tablet – X22 Air pc

Not Tablet – X22 Air pc

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    steve atkin
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    Ok, this is not a tablet related question but i’m getting desperate..

    I bought a Teclast X22 Air, all in one PC just before Christmas.

    I could not get it to run properly as it kept crashing with loads of different blue screen errors.

    It looks like there should be a partition with either driver files in or a folder with driver files in, which mine doesn’t have.

    This is the folder of files.

    You can’t register without a chinese mobile phone number…

    So, does anyone have an x22 that could email me the folder of files, maybe via dropbox or wetransfer ?

    I have tried Teclast but don’t get an answer..




    sratkin @  ya hoo  . co . uk

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