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    I’m looking to buy a new laptop and was wondering if anyone had some recommendations. The one I have currently is a gaming laptop but the battery is complete crap now and the laptop itself is pretty heavy. I want to sell it and buy a new lightweight travel laptop. Will mainly be used for everyday tasks and no gaming. Might use engineering programs if it can run them. I have 2 budgets in mind. What do you recommend for $500 or less? What about for $800 or less? Also, I looked into the chuwi se, air, and the telcast f5 and f7. Which is the best out of these if I go this route? Thanks!


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    For light tasks the Chuwi Lapbook SE I have for the price I paid $269 is great. I’m using it now with no issues fully time here in New Zealand. However, the N4100 is a weak chipset so not sure it will run engineering programs well. I’ve also tweaked my power limts and done a copper heatsink mod on my.

    The F5 is good for the weight and size. But weak battery life about half of my lapbook SE and Teclast F7 at only 4 hours on wifi.

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