Onda Tablet.com They're Having a joke at my expense

Onda Tablet.com They're Having a joke at my expense

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    Robert Wilson
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    I bought a Onda V919 Air CH 9.7 Inch 4GB RAM Intel Cherry Trail 64GB ROM Windows 10 Tablet PC I haven’t a problem with the tablet just who I bought it from http://www.onda-tablet.com

    I paid $32.29 postage + uk duty $25.29

    I received it on 23/2/2016

    I only used for 5 Days I noticed small crack starting right of camera lens, also problem with wireless adapter no problem they said just return it I returned it  on 1/3/2016 costing me a further $29.27

    They received it on 7/3/2016 they didn’t acknowledge receiving it till 26/3/2016 even though they had tracking number

    Now they want $41.29 to return it not a replacement they’re repairing it!

    A total of $128.14   it’s crazy considering the tablet only cost $178.99 to start with,

    Plus I have already paid Duty to DHL on same Tablet before,

    Can you pay duty on item twice?

    It’s now 9/4/2016 still waiting for it after sending 9 e-mails

    What can I say never again from http://www.onda-tablet.com

    Costas Santamas
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    There is no after sales service from Onda. You are at your own. My dual boot Onda air 919 works fine but the Lollipop 5.1 does not work with Google play services or Google Play Store. ( I have installed Aptoid to be able to install and run other applications). The Onda people refused even an advice for fixing the problem. They told me to ask the re-seller! As expected, the re-seller is unable to advise and of course never replied.

    Mark Hedrick
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    Yeah , no Google Play.  They put that it wouldn’t install after I purchased and kept giving the run around about this and that … I gave up and only run Windows 10 on it which is nice … But wanted a dual OS system ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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