Onda V820w windows problem.

Onda V820w windows problem.

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    Hello all,

    Recently i got a V820w tablet from a friend of mine.

    Device has installed a Win 8.1 32bit OS (bing version if matters),and the android OS partition has been deleted in order to gain more space running WIndows.

    It was working flawless,until i decided to update drivers using a driver update software,that really i cant remember.

    And then,problems came

    After the drivers update , i am no loger able to use

    -Touch screen

    -Speaker sound

    -Battery indication status.

    Obviously,i did magic to it,and now it’s not working as it should.

    Tried A LOT of sites ,downloaded A LOT of promising softwares and drivers ,downloaded A LOT of Win OS versions,with no luck.

    Actually, i am at the point of, like if i have the right WIN OS version,i am able to format it and proceed. I have access to BIOS 🙂

    Has any of you anything that can point ?

    Any software,or preferrably any WIN OS version that will format the tablet and make it work flawless?

    Or, at least, make an image file of his tablet to post?

    Thank you in advance, have to say it is a wonderful tablet, a VFM.

    Kind Regards gfrom Greece, Thanasis

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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