Onda V919 Core M vs Teclast X98 Pro? Best place to get it?

Onda V919 Core M vs Teclast X98 Pro? Best place to get it?

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    I have had really good luck with my Onda V975i flashed to V975w, but am ready for an upgrade and eyeing the V919 Core M.
    I want to stay with the 9.7″ Retina screen form-factor.
    The hardware of the V919 Core M seems pretty decent, really liking that the SSD and modem can be swapped out, though not sure I would. I wish the Wifi could be swapped out for dual band AC, but I’ll take what I can get. Anyway, I know Chris had trouble with the wifi, but then some people had similar troubles with the V975i/w wifi and I managed to get lucky with it. Hoping I could get lucky with the V919 Core M as well. I realize there may be some tweaking of the software required to get English and a legit copy of Windows. I’m okay with that. At almost $360, it’s pretty pricey. If I get one with good wifi, is the hardware worthwhile?

    I’m also considering the Teclast X98 Pro, it’s over $100 cheaper. However, the thermal throttling sounds like a very annoying issue. If I got a V919 with good wifi, it seems like that might be considerably more preferable to the X98 Pro.

    As far as purchasing, where is the best place to get a V919 Core M? QH Store via aliexpress is the cheapest at $330. Anyone have any experience with them? There are Win10 vs Win8 versions, think the Win10 would be a newer hardware revision than the Win8 version?

    Are there other 9.7″ retina tablets I should consider instead?

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    Well, probably against most peoples’ better judgment, I bought one anyway. $319USD shipped from Aliexpress. Can’t remember the name of the seller and the Aliexpress site is currently down, but let me know if interested.

    Mine is solid. No creaks or rattles. It is a V3. Came in its original box with the factory tape cut. was not resealed so maybe the seller opened it, but looked new. Plastic covers had never been removed. First impression is it’s quite a thick and weighty device, compared to my V975i. It came with Android 5.0.1 already set to US English, but all the pre-installed apps are Chinese. I was not successful in installing Play Store, so I’ll have to keep playing with it. It came with legitimate fully activated Windows 10 Home already set to English. Out of the box, I kept getting errors about the graphics driver has stopped responding. I’ve since updated the graphics driver via Intel website and that seems to have fixed it, but not sure (there was a newer driver that specifically said it fixes this issue). It does an annoying disconnect/connect sound every time I wake it up with the power button. Not sure what’s causing that. 3G modem doesn’t seem to work with any US frequencies. Most concerning is it runs very warm if it’s even the least bit busy. It’s just lukewarm browsing the web, but can get quite hot if very busy on the edge where the buttons are. Perhaps it’s a testament to how efficient they are at transferring SoC heat to the case. My v975i never got the least bit warm. The heat does have me concerned about battery life, though too soon to see how it will be in casual usage. Seemed to get hotter in Android than Windows, but I was trying to install Play Store which may have been keeping the CPU load high.

    Also did something stupid; tried changing product key from Home to Pro to see what would happen, but didn’t make note of the old product key so I don’t know how to change it back. Anyone know what the Home product key was? The generic ones don’t work.

    So far, too soon to see how it’s going to work out.

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    Hi guys,

    I can tell you that I am quite happy with it.

    First of all make a clean install of both os to remove all Chinese crab winch runs in the background.

    Android: I use v 13 Mr dasher android . I also use an app to increase the volume and root booster to push the performances

    Windows: use updated drivers

    To increase screen sensitivity follow this guide


    If you have problem with the clock swapping between the 2 os follow this file


    To increase the speakers volume watch these videos


    Regarding the heating problem you can try to disassembly your tablet(very easy I did it twice while I upgraded ssd) and make some thermal mod (follow many guides in the other tablet thread). What I did is undervolted CPU, gpu and cache via software. The situation looks  better and also the battery life seems increased.

    I also clooked the ram to 1600mhz because the factory value underclocks it to 1333mhz.

    I hope this is enough. Use my infos at your own risk and have fun




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    Thanks for the reply. I had already managed to root, debloat, and add Play Store to my Android V12. It doesn’t appear V13 was ever publicly released as an OTA, I wonder what has changed?
    Mine came with Windows 10 Home English out of the box and legally activated.

    Thanks for the tips, my tablet actually works quite well now under Windows 10. It only gets slightly lukewarm under normal use.

    One problem I am having, which seems not to be a serious problem, but is annoying, is the MicroSD card is frequently disconnecting and reconnecting. It seems to be random. Before, I had an autoplay setting which would display drive contents and that would make it pop up an Explorer window every time, but I changed it to “Take No Action” so now all it does is play the annoying disconnect/connect sound. Also if I have the drive open in Explorer, it closes the window. I feel like this must be a software and not a hardware issue because if I play a video stored on the MicroSD, it doesn’t do this and the video isn’t interrupted. I can also copy files to/from the MicroSD and that isn’t interrupted either.

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