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One Year Later Review

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    I purchased my X98 Pro just over one year ago and it is still going strong.

    So I thought I would share some of my experiences with this device.

    I will admit there are a few issues. The Wi-Fi chip can be a bit temperamental, occasionally not seeing an available network or dropping it’s connection which can only be fixed by a reboot, and the speaker sound in Windows 10 is not loud enough. But overall it has been a great tablet that has been used daily for the past year.

    So what do I use it for?


    Well I run the excellent Mirek Rom v5.0 on the Android operating system side, and I use the Android side of the tablet mainly for gaming on the go. The main game I play is Real Racing 3 and I use the GL Tools App to spoof the game into thinking I have a top end Mali chip rather than the Intel that it is in the tablet. That significantly boosts the graphical quality of the gaming experience. I also occasionally play NFS Most Wanted, Jurassic World, Marvel Future Fight, Contest of Champions and DC Legends all without any problems.

    On the Windows 10 side of things I have been playing Half  Life 2, Fallout 3 and Mass Effect 2 and they all run really well at 800×600 resolution. I use a portable Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, a mini tablet easel and Headphones as my portable PC gaming setup. Lunch breaks at work have never been better…

    I also wanted to use it for streaming xBox one games as well but I could never get a decent experience the wireless connection was never fast enough and it was just unplayable. Until…. Virgin Media Wi-Fi Super Hub died and they replaced it with the new Super Hub 3.0. Wow what a difference. It turns out the X98 Pro was not the problem after all, I now stream xBox one games over Wi-Fi at the highest quality settings no problem at all. So I had to get one of these..

    ..OTG charging cables, I can keep the x98 Pro charged and plug in the xBox One controller at the same time. Along with a HDMI cable I can now play my xBox One games on the TV upstairs for as long as I like. With the xBox safely tucked under the TV downstairs.

    I did have issues with the tablet not charging but after a few weeks investigation it transpires that some of the cheaper USB cables I had in the house were too blame and getting a decent quality cable solved that problem.

    Overall I have been extremely happy with the X98 Pro. For the price it has been an excellent purchase and replaced my iPad and HP Stream 7 Tablet and I have not regretted it at all.





    Mario Miniaci
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    Nice review especially on the Xbox streaming side. It’s all well to see the thickness and weight of a tablet but the actual usability is the make-or-break of it.

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    2 years later now….Hmmm

    I would like to buy this due to its form factor and dual boot.  Do you still recommend it?

    Still a bit torn between X98 Pro or 10S


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    Hi, I have a tablet already 2.5 years old, that is from November 2015. He is doing well today. I recently measured the capacity of the factory battery and it came out about 6100 mAh. The tablet is used daily and sometimes 2 radios are loaded per day.

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