Possible fix for larger Micro sd cards not being recognised

Possible fix for larger Micro sd cards not being recognised

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    Long story short.

    I have 3 identical 128gb micro sd cards, all  SanDisk Ultra. The one that I formatted in Android, is recognised by my Cube i9, the two formatted in windows are not. Give it a go, hopefully it works for you as well.

    I have a dual boot Chuwi hi12. People (me included), had an issue where the sd cards were recognised in windows but not android. Some bright spark figured out that if the disk were formatted in android it would be recognised there and windows. But not the other way around. I did it and it works. I plugged that sd card in the cube i9 just on the off chance. And heard the sound of the disk being recognised!!

    Why? I have no clue. But if you have larger sd cards that are not recognised by your i9, formatting them in android is worth a punt.





    Bill Christiansen
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    It’s because sd cards larger than 32GB default to exFat format and stock android doesn’t support exFat due to Microsoft having patent but formatting it in android will force Fat32 format. It may be fine but back up any important data in case it corrupts.


    Krille Muspk
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    My 200GB Sandisk card works just fine, and it is running in exFAT, never had any problems with the card not being recognize, the only problem I have is that all my cards are just running in 2.0 USB Speed on the cube :/


    Chris G
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    Thanks for the tip. My Samsung 128 Pro+ works, I think I formatted it in Windows and Fat32. Guess I got lucky, I’ve noticed that it also depends on the brand of MicroSD’s my Samsung ones seem to work, but not my EMTEC one or Sandisk 64GB Ultra, I’ll have to try this trick.

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    Well my SanDisk is holding up fine so far (touch wood). Every card up to 64gb worked okay. Just the larger ones not being recognized. So from what BillChristiansen says, it’s the exfat format that is the issue, and formatting in fat32 that is the fix. Seems like many don’t have the issue at all.

    Did you try this on the cards that didn’t work for you Chris?

    Btw, thanks for all the reviews and info, your doing gods work ☺



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    If you format the MicroSD with SDFormatter (where you can choose parameters), does it still fail to recognize it?



    Steve Hepple
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    Tried sdcard formatter and it didnt work, but as stated works fine if put in a card reader via the usb port.


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    Greetings Bill ad Chris.

    Thinking of getting the i9 which Chris recommended highly in his review. Can anyone advise if the micro SD card issue has been resolved? Basically,

    1. Does 128GB exFAT work?

    2. Does 128GB FAT work?

    3. Does 64GB exFAT work?

    4. Does 64GB FAT work?


    Many thanks and best regards,




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    Hi !

    I tried formatting my 64GB SDXC sdcard with a LineageOS and “A PARTED” app with no success.

    What I noticed is that my SDcard is perfectly recognized in BIOS/Setup when you go in BOOT or SDIO menu/submenu
    (the label of the device even states the size of the SDCard, I have testes with 2 Sandisk 64GB and 16GB that are not seen in Windows)

    Next step, I’ll test in Phoenix OS…



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    Running CDM on your PC can help you fix SD problems. In addition, the ultimate solution for SD card repair is to format it. If you have to do it, be sure to back up your SD card. I lost my SD card data because I forgot my backup.

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