power bank for teclast F5

power bank for teclast F5

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    i wan’t to buy a power bank to charge the teclast F5. he needs 12V. the teclsat f5 not compatible with QC3.

    Who can tell me where to get !!

    Who knows if it can be used with usb trigger….


    Roney Tutnauer
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    Hi, I am about to order an F5 – however I haven’t had anyone reporting success with a power bank. Since the battery life on the F5 is so poor, knowing that that there will be a way to charge it on the go is essential!
    I know that in theory there should be PD bank but I have only heard of failures like this one on Chris’s YouTube channel in-depth review:
    “I tried with 2 powerbanks, no luck, they swith off after a few seconds…”
    Has anyone been successful charging? Please let me know if & how.
    Many Thanks


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    f5 battery life is not poor. if you do good power management settings and use lowest screen brightment it lasts 6 hours on web browsing. in reviews peoples says f5 battery life 3 hours. i dont know what they do i think they use screen on full brightment.

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