Power Thru Battery Ribbon Connector

Power Thru Battery Ribbon Connector

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    The last month of quarantining and my natural instinct to tinker has caused me to pull-out some of my old electronics and re-visit them. In my pile of devices was my cube i7 stylus that I shelved due to a broken power/barrel connector that prevented me from powering and charging the device. Before I shelved it last October, I had tried two different wall chargers. The only way I could get the tablet to charge was if I inserted the barrel end of the charger in the jack and bent it toward the top of the tablet. But even then, the red charging light would go out after a few minutes and I’d have to adjust the barrel end of the charger and bend it to the top of the tablet to start charging again.

    I had read on these forums that some had success charging their cube i7 stylus with a USB-C PD charger thru the USB micro B port on the tablet. I tried this method using my Google Pixel Slate USB-C PD (3.0, 45W) charger however this didn’t work for me.

    I took the back case off the cube i7 and noticed that the battery is connected to the mainboard via a ribbon cable. Has anyone attempted to re-wire the battery ribbon connector to adapt to the wall charger? The cube would then be powered thru the battery adapter on the mainboard 100% of the time. And yes, it wouldn’t be a portable tablet anymore, but I could mount it to the back of a monitor and have a DIY all-in-one PC.  I’m probably oversimplifying this but thought I would pose the question before I give up on the tablet completely.

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    Send pics to [email protected] I have a better idea

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