Problem with the keyboard for X16 Pro/Power

Problem with the keyboard for X16 Pro/Power

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    Hello, everyone.

    I bought tablet Teclast X16 Power and keyboard, but there was problem with my keybaord.  I want to hear solution from those of you who bought this tablet and keyboard.

    For the windows OS, my keyboard is not working perfectly. For example, if I want to type the symbol ‘~’ on my keyboard, I have to press the button ‘⇧Shift’ and the button below the ‘Esc button’ on the top left corner as you can see on your keyboard, but it doesn’t work. Nothing shows on my computer. Most of the button using “Shift” does not work right. (when I press the button “Shift + something”, it does not work or showing some different letters or symbols.)

    As you can see on picture I attached, I think there are two types of keyboard for Teclast X16 Pro/Power.  My keyboard was second one from picture I attached. I don’t know the correct and proper keyboard for my tablet.

    I want to hear your suggestion and solution for my keyoard problem.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


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    Ran Hoon
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    Hey, I just got my x16 Power recently. Have you tried changing the keyboard language? It works for me. Example, English (US) and English (UK) can have some character swapped. On UK setting, <“> becomes <@> and vice-versa. For you, does your <~> becomes <¬>? If so, your keyboard is in English (UK), just go to your settings and add English (US) as default. That should solve your problem.



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