Question about Backup software

Question about Backup software

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    In Macrium I have made backup img of the emmc 64Gb.

    My question is, can I restore the Android system partition

    separately or will it format all the other 15 partitions?


    Thanks in advance.

    Chris G
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    Sorry not sure myself as I’ve never used Macrium, but it’s meant to restore the whole thing Android raw partitions included. Any Macrium users around that can confirm this?

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    Chris, which program do you recommend on using for a backup?  Mine is the dual boot. I got a bit confused already..

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    Just to mention (I know I sound like I’m selling it), Parted Magic allows you to restore or not restore any number of partitions. It’s not all or nothing.

    I would hope Macrium is the same but I don’t know.

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    I have used a 80GB internal hd in my desktop (it was ment for backup but never used it) to restore

    the full img with Macrium who did the job succesfully.

    After that I restored 6 partitions separately over the just restored img. Also succesfully.

    But I have not the guts to restore on the tablet. the problem of the SD card with which it began,

    has been resolved by unroot which I did in SU. Lost root but 128GB back.

    So I wait for restore till I have no other choice.

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