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Redmi Note 3 UI

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    Good youtube review on the Note 3 Chris, thanks! I went along and got one myself. Quick question, in your unboxing video, you noticed the big icons and text size, also you mentioned that the latest version of MIUI7 was not installed and the OS was 5.02 and not 5.1.

    In your review however, I noticed that you managed to get this changed, at least the text size was now much better, how did you do that? Did you flash a new ROM for your Note 3, or use some 3’d party app to change this? I’ve tried “big font” and some others but on of them would change my icon font? Can you help?


    Sorry if this Q does not belong here… No topic for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3


    Thanks in advance

    Chris G
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    As mentioned in YouTube. I flashed an official MIUI Rom from This rom here looks good as it includes Play. They have guides on flashing ROMs there. It was pretty straight forward.

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    Thanks Chris, I’ll give that a try

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