Reinstalling Windows/ Don't use Windows Insider Preview

Reinstalling Windows/ Don't use Windows Insider Preview

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    Andrew W
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    Yes I SHOULD have taken a disk image when I first got the tablet.

    Cube image file is hosted on Baidu. Now I don’t understand Chinese so I’m going to have a heck of a time registering and trying to get an image.


    I made the mistake of signing up to Windows Insider Previews. Now this broke a lot of the OS. Tablet Rotation, Brightness Controls. Most of my settings. The ability to ‘Roll back’ and recover my install.

    If I can advise you – Don’t do it. Stick to normal updates.


    At any rate I got a windows 10 image on SD and installed.

    That went okay.

    Except NONE of the drivers installed.

    No touchscreen, Wifi/bluetooth, touch screen drivers.

    Input is only possibly via USB. Thankfully I have access to a wireless dongle.

    SD card also works.


    Does anyone know how to inject the driver package into a Windows 10 iso.

    I’m trying to nut this out.

    The driver package that is posted on TechTablets is unsigned so I can’t install this in Windows.



    At least Ubuntu 14.04 works out of the box. Touch/Wifi/BT/graphics.



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    Google “Snappy Driver Installer”, it will solve most of your problem, except tablet rotation and webcams.


    Andrew W
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    If I return to a standard build of Windows that should solve the rotation and other OS issues.

    My problem IS that I HAVE reinstalled windows.

    But it is a very bare-boned vanilla install of windows and I can’t even get online.

    The micro USB 3.0 is taken up with a USB keyboard/mouse.

    USB type-C (not an option atm)

    SD-Card is the only way to get something onto the device.


    I was hoping to find a way to insert/inject the drivers into the ISO (wim) then install.

    NTlite seems to be one such program/method. BUT it doesn’t seem easy.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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