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Replacement battery

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    Hi everyone!

    I am looking for a replacement battery for the F6 Pro. I have a problem where it won’t charge past 65%, I tried draining the battery and fully charging it as well as uninstalling the battery in device manager, unplugging the battery and turning on the laptop then shutting it down and plugging the battery in again. Sadly, nothing’s working so I suspect my battery’s BMU is bad.

    Long story short, I cannot send the laptop back and I am looking to buy a replacement battery. I found the model number of the battery (31154200) but when I try looking for a replacement there are none. The closest one I found is 32160205p which matches the specs and is used in some Chuwi models, but it is expensive (50€) and oddly I could only find it in some AU/NZ webshops.

    Does anyone happen to know of a battery that would fit the F6 Pro? I wouldn’t mind using one of lower capacity since anything over 3250mAh would be more than I currently have available.


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    Hi, I’m also intereted in getting a new battery but so far I haven’t found place where to get one.


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    You could try looking for Batteries for the “Trekstor Primebook C13” Laptop since it uses the same housing as the F6 pro. However I don’t know if they use the same battery.


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    So, Did you find any compatible battery for the teclast f6 pro? I searched all around the internet and I was not able to find It.


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    There aren’t any replacements available I’m afraid. That’s the problem and chance you take with these Chinese machines. Spare parts are rare or impossible to find. Sorry!

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