Resetting OS with Win10 November OS update

Resetting OS with Win10 November OS update

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    So I updated to the Win10 1511 upgrade on my tablet; This brought down my free storage space to just 26GB, unfortunately.

    I was looking for a way to reset the tablet, while keeping

    1. the newer OS version
    2. the availability of the Full OS Reset (the proper “reinstall” method)

    I thought I would use the “clean disk” option to delete the files that would allow me to go back to the previous version of the OS, considering them basically useless.

    But when I later wanted to make a full reset (for testing purposes) I found out that the ALTHOUGH I chose the “Full Reset” option, it basically just did the “softer” reset, which preserved my User Account and my Files and just deleted other programs….
    …also I felt the reset did not return the OS to the default settings, as the Metro programs visible on the initial screen had all but disappeared. They were installed, but their icon had not been restored to the start screen.

    Then, thinking that the “System Files” that Teclast released back in December included the newer OS version + the reset option to that version, I flashed the system files, only to discover that the OS was the older one….
    …so I was back at point zero…

    Now I once again updated to the Nov. OS version and again I have just 26GB installed…so my question is:

    • Is there a way to keep the newer OS version, while also maintaining the Full Reset option for that particular version?

    Šarūnas Sabaliauskas
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    Do you understand what you want? Just use disk cleanup after win upgrade to remove old version ( or delete c:\windows.old) to get disk space back.


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    Do you take the time to read (and understand) before taking the time to answer? Obviously you didn’t before, so please refrain from answering if you don’t intend to do so in the future.

    I want two things
    1. reclaim the space
    2. have a reset (full) option for the upgraded version of Windows.

    When I did what you said, the disk cleanup tool for some reason
    1. deleted files that prevented me from making a successful full reset (maintained user accounts etc), not just to the upgraded version, but even the previous version as well.
    2. Messed up even the “softer” reset that it did (which I did not opt for), by removing basically all but two tiles from the startup screen; something went wrong so I reinstalled windows altogether (the earlier version as it is the only available)

    Now I know that the easiest and most straighforward solution to my question and problem would be the availability of a system image with the upgraded OS + the embedded reset files (not those allowing to go back to a previous version of windows, but resetting/clearing the OS)…but that is not available.

    If you know of any solution and have taken the time to read and understand the issue properly, I would welcome your answer…
    ….if not I can live without you gracing my topic with your replies.

    Thank you.


    Šarūnas Sabaliauskas
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    Why would you want that? Do you reset system every day?

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