Screen freezes and system locks up while streaming video.

Screen freezes and system locks up while streaming video.

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    David C
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    I received the Cube Mix Plus recently, and have a major issue watching videos. The screen freezes and system locks up (no input of any kind) while streaming videos over my LAN. I have used Windows 10 Media Player, Windows Media Player Classic, and even a browser solution with Chrome and MS Edge, in all cases the system freezes and I am forced to reboot. I did a complete reset (the most thorough type) and applied all the updates for Windows 10 Home (the version that came with the tablet). The behavior has not changed since it came out of the box and after the reset.

    I have also downloaded the Intel Extreme Tuning utility, and successfully performed the various stress tests over multiple hours. I have also done a Windows Memory test and Disk check, all with no issues.

    Specifically playing videos seems to be the issue right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    David C
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    Looks like I might have solved this issue myself. After research and experimentation, changing the advance power management settings appears to have fixed the issue.  I set the PCI Express -> Links State Power Management = Off. I did this for all profiles (Power Saving, Balanced, and Performance).

    You see it fix here: under Turn off link state power management.

    Disabling  C1E Function and Intel(R) C-STATE tech in the BIOS was also suggested, but I did not try it, since the issue appears to be resolved.

    I would be interested to know what the PCI Express -> Links State Power Management setting is for the other owners, and if it is causing them any issues?


    Tim C
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    Very strange. I have a Cube Mix Plus too (loving it!) and for your info, my PCI Express power state management settings are all set to “Maximum Power Savings” (I’ve never touched this), and I’ve never had any problems. Strange that your system should be different.


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    Never had anything like this, either.

    And I do play videos quite often on the Mix plus, both local and from the NAS as well as SkyGo and other Streaming services. No crashes.


    Maybe this has something to do with a specific file format that you use?


    Chris G
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    Never had this issue with my Mix plus. Might be a hardware issue just on your unit? A defect of sorts or it getting too hot and freezing?

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