SD Cards Not Reading in Windows (Code 10 Error)

SD Cards Not Reading in Windows (Code 10 Error)

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    The tablet is less than 2 weeks old. My 64gb SDXC card worked initially with no problems but then a few days ago it started freezing every time I would try to access it or any files on it. Since then it has stopped reading entirely and is not recognized in explorer. In device manager the SD Storage Class Controller has the device status listed as: The device cannot start (Code 10) and operation failed (the requested operation was unsuccessful).

    One possibility is something has messed up since windows updated to a newer inside preview build. The drivers are unchanged and I have tried to update and find different drivers but have had no luck. I’d like to try and solve the problem before I roll back to an older build and wipe the tablet.

    The SD Card works perfectly in Android so it is definitely not a hardware problem.

    If anyone has had similar problems or knows of any possible fixes please let me know. Thanks!

    Justin Mussgnug
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    I’m having the same issues as you. Did you ever get it fixed?

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    SD card problem on Windows 10 on iwork12 cube tablet. All micro sd cards are recognized under android whatever their capacity. With Windows since the last update, only cards up to 32 Gb are working properly. Beyond 64 or 128 Gb Windows recognizes the presence of the card in the slot but does not know how to read it because for Windows these cards have a capacity of 0 and are empty. Which solution can be considered including changing the appropriate drivers. Thank you for your help.

    Andre Wollny
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    i have the same problem the other way around.
    The 128gb  sd card is formatted with exFat and works perfect in win10.
    But android cant access the sd card.
    Tells something the card is empty and should be formatted (data is on the card).
    strange becaue the card was  advertised as an android card

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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