Short review addressing the issues known so far and one major issue (A6C9; 3g)

Short review addressing the issues known so far and one major issue (A6C9; 3g)

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    Time to give back after getting a lot of information from all of you.

    I bought the X98 a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to share my experience with you. So far I’m very happy, works well for University. I did a lot of writing, Excel and Powerpoint stuff on it, most of the time with windows.

    SD-Card: I use a SanDisk Ultra 64gb Card and it works fine. I had some issues when switching from Android to Windows it wasn’t recognized then, but I just simple pult it out and put it back again. For round about one week this issue is gone.

    RAM: As some tools shown me the Mhz of the Ram ist at 1066 and not 1600. As it works fluent I’m not too disappointed about that but faster is better in that case of course. I didn’t do anything to solve that, maybe there is a fix out there.

    Charging and Battery: Well, charging takes long, but it also did take long with my iPad. But the Battery is absolutely amazing. I charge for the whole day at the University. Of course it depends on how heavy you use it, but I have always a few taps opened in edge, oneNote is running and most of the time a Pdf-Viewer too. The only thing I recognized was the very fast drain of the battery while Android running but the screen turned off. I just realized it yesterday so I have to monitor that for a while.

    Boot time: Windows is much faster than Android, nothing more to say here. I didn’t measure it cause it’s something I can deal with. If you look at some phones out there it not surprising that Android takes a while.

    SIM-Card: The SIM-Card-Slot works fine with my provider here in Germany (Vodafone). I just tried out the card from my phone, so there isn’t always a card in the slot. I will get one when I negotiated my new contract.

    Updating Windows: I had a major update last weekend, it worked just fine but took ages to finish. The restart didn’t work, cause it wasn’t turning on again. I did it myself and it finished the update. I had round about 12gb of free space when the update started.

    Noise from inside: Sometimes I’m very noise sensitive (funny for someone who plays the drums, right?). I recognized a high pitch noise from the inside while the screen is on. You only can hear it when it’s silent around you. It changes when you change the screen brightness. I found some interesting things about that topic and it seems this has to do with the power supply of the screen. Nothing to be concerned about as old LCD-Screens had the same issue and it was kinda normal for them. But if you like to use it before going to sleep it will probably be a little bit annoying to hear that.

    Touchscreen: This is major think I mentioned in the title. It works fine for me with my fingers, but using a pen is absolutely impossible. I made a video of it and you guys are welcome to watch it. Maybe someone out there can help me out here? I’m in contact with Gearbest and they asked my to do a video, I’ll keep you informed what the offer me. First thing they advised to do a hard reset. Does anyone think this will help?

    Here is the link:

    I also use the bluetooth keyboard and it works fine for me. But as the antenna is split up between Wifi and Bluetooth it could be continue writing the same letter for a whole line until the antenna responds again. Happened only if something was down- or uploaded.

    What have I done to the tablet when it arrived?

    I just did a few things which where mentioned here or on XDA.

    • Touchscreen responsiveness improvement
    • Auto update for drivers deactivated
    • DPI change on Android
    • Moved some folders to the SD-Card (Downloads for example)

    Well, thats it I guess. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! As I’m pretty busy the next two weeks give me some time please to respond.

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