Should I get a Notebook pro?!

Should I get a Notebook pro?!

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    Hello everyone!  I’ve been looking for a new laptop for a while now and have really been considering a Xiaomi notebook pro.  The hardware you get for the price seems insane and I’m all about value.  I currently live in the area and am thinking of getting a 2019 version of the notebook pro (1018 USD here, i7) or the GTX version (1105 USD, i7).  I’m looking for some feedback from owners about what to expect and if you’d recommend it or not and if so, which one?  The Gtx version or the mx250 version?

    I’ve read some posts about fan noise and rattling and to be honest, these worry me.  I’d rather not have to open it up and do too much if possible, but if necessary it’s okay, as long as the fixes are long-lasting.  The reason I want this over some others is the price to quality ratio, but if the quality isn’t there, perhaps I’m better off going with a Lenovo or Huawei?

    Thanks so much for the feedback!



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    I’ve own a few models and no issues with quality. The GTX 1050 just ran a little too loud and hot for me. The MX150 version is only slightly slower than the MX250 model which is basically just an overclocked version of the MX150.

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    Than you so much!  Have you heard anything about the newer 2019 model with the mx250 having much slower Hynix ssds instead of the much faster Samsungs from the year prior?


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