Should I get Core m 5y10 or X5 z8500?

Should I get Core m 5y10 or X5 z8500?

TechTablets Forums General General Discussion Should I get Core m 5y10 or X5 z8500?

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    Hải Thanh Vũ
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    I have around $290. I want to get a chinese tablet for gaming. I’m stucking between a Cube i7 Core M  and Teclast X98 Pro. I’m not sure if I should wait for cube i7 price drop or get a teclast now. The Core M isn’t much stronger than the X5 but i’m not sure about their GPUs. Anyway, are  there any alternative to those two? Sorry for my bad english.


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    You are wrong… The Core M is almost exactly 2x more powerful than X7 Z8700 (the Atom CherryTrail superior version). A pair of benchmark comparision examples between Cube i7 Stylus (Core M 5Y10c) and Surface 3 (X7 Z8700):

    – 3D Mark Ice Storm:

    Cube i7 Stylus: 39897 Surface 3: 22449

    – 3D Mark Cloud Gate:

    Cube i7 Stylus: 4029 Surface 3: 2030

    – Geekbench 3:

    Cube i7 Stylus: Single Core: 2034 Multi Core: 4221

    Surface 3: Single Core: ~950 Multi Core: ~3050 (consulting Geekbench 3 web scores)

    Benchmarks extracted from my Cube i7 Stylus review and Anandtech Surface 3 review

    And Core M processors supports a lot more instructions sets than Atom CherryTrail ones…


    Hải Thanh Vũ
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    Wow! When will cube i7 drop its price to below $280?


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    For gameing on windows as a tab which is the best core m or z8500 device?



    Queiroz Jones
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