Something's wrong with my tablet

Something's wrong with my tablet

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    Hi you all!

    I am a CHUWI Hi8 owner and yesterday evening I was checking the Windows updates (as I do it almost every day…). So I have noticed an update for:

    # Windows system

    # INTEL something update

    so I have decided to accept the both files to be downloaded & installed.

    I did it while I was watching a movie using VLC Portable. At I certain point I wanted to put the movie on PAUSE and the check if the updates were done when I have noticed that the screen was non-responsive at all!

    I kept the POWER button pressed hoping I will REBOOT the tablet. Indeed it happened but once the WELCOME SCREEN in Windows shows up I have just the NETWORK sing on and not the BATTERY sign displayed and the touchscreen is still non-responsive…


    Please, anyone could help me out with this one?!?


    Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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