Still liking the Chuwi Hi12 Dual boot w Stylus

Still liking the Chuwi Hi12 Dual boot w Stylus

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    Kris Backs
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    Hi Chris and all. I recently found an available Chuwi Hi12 lcd screen that would replace my broken one. It broke through misuse of the first keyboard – the hinge of the keyboard was much more rigid than the glass it came in contact with would bear.

    Regardless, I enjoyed this tablet and would like to resurrect it somehow. I’ve actually gone without a decent tablet since and I figure I should buy one if I can’t fix this old one.

    To that end, is anyone here willing to sell a used – good condition (stylus supporting) Chuwi hi12. Barring that, I might be in the market for a parts hi12. I found that the one I have has a faulty power button in addition to the LCD screen. I attached a pic to show the part I am referring to.

    Otherwise I would be interested in going for a newer (stylus capable) tablet if I can find a good deal. Shoestring budget is where I am at, which is why I’ve been trying to bring back my broken Hi12. I still have the Hipen for it.

    Trying to get to a concise set of questions I ask this:

    1. Would a replacement LCD likely even support the Hipen (any educated guess-timate would help)

    2. Is there some outlet that might sell the small power button component that I mangled (photo)

    Regarding a newer purchase -If I were to go Teclast, it seems they also have stylus support as a key selling point. More importantly there appears to be somewhat better compatibility options if I’m not mistaken.

    3. With this last thought in mind, what advice might you have for someone looking for a reasonably good stylus supporting tablet even if I had to buy the pen and keyboard separate.

    I know I’m asking a lot, any help is always appreciated

    Thank you


    PS; 4GB RAM and 64 emc is ok, as is WIN10 only. I am really hoping for a pressure sensitive stylus however.

    I’ll continue to read reviews posted here (and elsewhere) to learn what is out there.

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    Kris Backs
    • Posts: 21

    No worries, my Brother has two many gadgets apparently and is willing to part with an older Surface Pro complete with stylus and keyboard. It’s about as good as I can ask for and comes in cheaper than anything I’d buy new ($100). I would have spent that trying to fix my Hi12.

    Keep supporting Techtablets

    Bye for now


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