Strange screen blotch

Strange screen blotch

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    I love my Hi8 tablet. I’ve only had it about a month, but it’s developed a strange screen blotch/mark/cloud or whatever you want to call it. Anyone seen this before? I take it I’m going to have to return it and get it repaired or replaced unless there is some quick fix?

    Note, I have removed the screen protector so it’s not an air bubble below that.


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    Chris G
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    Easy fix, I see this all the time on non-laminated displays. It’s normally caused by transit damage, too much pressure on the screen. See my video below for the fix:

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    That’s great news. Thanks so much. I’ll give that fix a go.

    Great site by the way. Love all the info and reviews. Spending time on here gave me the confidence to buy a Chinese tablet and I’ve been really happy with it so far.


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    A quick update. Your solution worked perfectly. I didn’t even need a suction cup. A bit of pressure around the outside of the mark and it’s all gone. Absolute gold. Thank you!


    Péter Kiss
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    When this occured on my Hi8

    I fixed it by apllying pressure/(sort of) pulling on the Windows logo, and the f.f camera.

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    I had the same issue..removed the blotch after applying a bit of pressure. Touchscreen stopped working correctly after that. I was busy so i tried again a few hours later and no trouble ever since. Was very happy because i thought the tablet was destroyed.

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