Switch Between Windows and Android

Switch Between Windows and Android

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    This thread describes how to switch between Windows and Android.


    I’d be willing to try it and create English instructions but I can’t download some of the files from Baidu.  I don’t have a Baidu Account.

    If someone could get the files and put them on something like Mega, I’ll take it from there!



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    I already did the change from Windows to Android. The Windows version was available, the Android (64GB) version was not….

    You do not need a Baidu Account to download the files. Just click on the download symbol (arrow down 535.7M)

    All you need is the Android file from step 1 and the Mi Pad 2 MIUI rom version you like.

    Android file:


    MIUI rom:


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    Thank you.

    I was able to get the files.  I’d like to try to dual boot Windows and Android.

    I was able to boot into the efi settings.  You can do this either through Windows recovery, or, if you have a usb hub with a keyboard, upon boot.  If you are very lucky, F2 will get you into EFI upon boot.

    There is no legacy bios mode that I can see but you can disable secure boot.  Don’t do this though because if your windows files are encrypted you won’t be able to boot into windows without reenabling it.

    I’m looking for a good dual boot tutorial.  It should be possible because we have two OSs that are made for this tablet.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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