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    Evil E.
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    Hi everyone,
    To make things a little easier for everyone to get help and to provide help, without having to ask the same basic questions over and over, and to avoid information-less posts like “my tablet doesn’t work anymore, please help and tell me how to fix it !!!“, I decided to create this thread and offer a template for everyone to copy-paste and fill in as a base to report a problem. This will greatly improve things for those who want to help and solve your problem, and for those who have problems to know what kind of information they need to provide.
    Copy-paste the template below in your problem reporting post, fill in ALL the information, and add a description (as detailed as possible) of your problem :

    Tablet : [brand] [model] [version]
    BIOS/firmware version : [BIOS version]
    Operating System : [OS name + version]
    Power Supply attached to Tablet ? [Yes/No]
    Power Supply output amperage : [2.0 A]
    microSD card : [Manufacturer Name] [Series/Type Name] [card size in GB] [FAT16/FAT32/exFAT/NTFS/ext4/…]
    Attached peripherals (wired/wireless) : [peripheral_1_name via USB], [peripheral_2_name via Bluetooth], [peripheral_3_name via wireless], …
    Tablet screen brightness : [0-100%]
    Modifications made to tablet : [Yes/No] [tablet_mod_1], [tablet_mod_2], …


    [FULL Problem description here : include as much information as possible (what/when/how/…)]


    If you have additional suggestions that might be interesting to add to the template then please let us know. Then we can review them and possibly add them to the template to provide an even better and more accurate problem reporting template. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Roberts Leonard
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    Anabel Smith
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    Thank you for sharing!

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