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Tablet Screen/Touch problems

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    Hi everyone,

    Please take a look at the image that I attached to this post and notice the area that I highlighted. The best way to explain what you see there is that this part of the display has got something that looks like air bubbles sandwiched in between the layers of the screen, as if the layers of the screen are coming apart.
    This also seems to trigger false touch events when I touch the screen (not always, though), like when I use the on-screen keyboard and press and hold the backspace key it triggers a bunch a random letters along with the backspace events until I take my finger off the screen…

    I think that the touch digitizer layer of the screen is coming loose from the rest of the screen, maybe this is a manufacturing fault ? Has anybody in here experienced something similar like this ?

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    I have the same on my Chuwi Hi8, sometimes it disappears and come back

    There is a video from Chris explaining how you can fix it (it comes back and then you do it again)

    Best wishes

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