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    Has anyone ordered the TBook 12 Pro?  I’ve received mine, but have some issues with battery life and charging. Seeing if anyone has similar issues with a 12 Pro or other Teclast tablets, if so, please chime in.


    Usman N
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    I cannot solve your issue but just need to ask you about the screen of this tablet. Unfortunately there is no review for it on the web. I am divided between this one and HiBook Pro because both have fully laminated displays.


    So is the screen really fully laminated? How is the maximum brightness, the black levels, the viewing angles etc..??

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Usman,

    Fixed the battery issue.  I had a faulty 5v 2.5A AC adapter!

    The screen brightness is enough for me.  I normally use it indoors.  Haven’t tried it outdoors and do not know the # of nits.  I cannot see a visible gap between digitizer and glass.

    The black levels are good.  Not a scientific answer, but for me it’s good enough for me.  I can’t complain as the price was the deal breaker even if there were any small flaws.  Viewing angles are good for me in portrait or landscape mode.  I like reading so have it in portrait mode often.

    Just so you know, I bought mine with the docking keyboard.  Pairs wonderfully.  the keyboard surface isn’t aluminum, but a coated plastic that has a rubbery feel to it.

    Hope that answers your question.

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    Hi, someone knows if there is some compatible Stylus with the teclast tbook 12 pro. If it exists, I would like to know if I can squeeze the hand on the screen while writing.
    Thank you.

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    Are you happy with the tablet? Any issues?How long dies the battery works ? An important question: how about the space for the android partition? 8gb or more?

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    Hi Pawel,

    I don’t know the android partition size.  I’m not using that tablet at this moment to check.

    The battery life is decent, not great. It’s about 4-6hrs depending on various settings.  I mainly only turn on WiFi, 50% brightness w/ battery saver on.  I split my usage to approx. tablet mode (40% of the time) and with keyboard dock (60%).

    Again, like I mentioned before, there’s a few minor things I wish they would correct.  Occasionally the trackpad behaviour is the only issue I really have.  Sometimes the trackpad is very erratic.  Try moving in any direction, it goes elsewhere.   Only fix is, either to undock and dock keyboard OR press pwr button to go into standby/sleep and press pwr to turn on.  Keyboard also could have been made of aluminum, but then it would cost more.

    Just an FYI, i emailed Teclast (direct from their website for assistance) but they don’t have really good cust service.  It’s been 2 months without any response.

    Otherwise, I’m super happy

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    I think im having battery issue. It has capacity for less.than 2hours. Settings are all low. My experience though.

    Screen is fully laminated and decend screen not comparable with my old tablet asus which is better except the size.


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