Tbook 16 Power bios

Tbook 16 Power bios

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    I just bough a tbook 16 power, and played with bios settings (ram speed, ram channels, gpu turbo modes…ets), and bricked my tablet.

    It does not swich on anymore nor charges…

    Has someone tried to optimise , with succes those setting ?

    Could you share ?

    Thank you


    Collin McCabe
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    Umm, me too, and I feel like such a fool.  I even read this before messing with bios settings, but I thought, “Nah, I won’t brick my tablet, I’ll be careful…”

    Sure enough, now it is bricked.  Please help!



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    Have the same problem.

    Anyone who solved it?


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    I also modified the bios and now I can not turn it on in any way.

    I am looking for the bios file for M5F8

    I offer a reward if someone helps me and I can solve it.

    Thank you.



    Yo también modifique la bios y ahora no puedo encender de ninguna manera.

    Busco el archivo de la bios para M5F8

    Ofrezco recompensa si alguien me ayuda y consigo solucionarlo.



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    Hello again,
    After talking to Teclast on Facebook, they have passed me on to the next official bios file for M5F8.

    I hope it is useful for you.


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    Thank you for the comunity.

    I now use a new one, as i’ve been able to use waranty…..

    Will never try again to go to bios with that tablet…


    Roger Carvalho
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    Has anyone been able to solve and fix it?
    After changing some basic things like the amount of RAM dedicated to video and other optimizations that should be normal my Tbook 16 Power does not start, does not turn on, does not signal that it is loading or anything … What to do?

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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