Teclast F15 Good reliability after 18 Months

Teclast F15 Good reliability after 18 Months

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    The Teclast F15 is my favourite Chinese laptop, mine is now 18 months old and there have been no problems. Buying a new brand always carries some risk because long term durability is not known. However my Teclast F15 has not shown any weaknesses yet, unlike for example my Chuwi Pro 14.1 with hinge breakage.  It should also be noted that the Teclast F15 has what I call an inverted Laptop hinge design where a much wider hinge bracket takes care of hinge torque.

    Strong points of the F15 are – Aluminium body, thin bezels, M.2 SSD bay, IPS fully laminated screen, thin body, large trackpad.

    Weak points – Grey keyboard is not to everybody’s liking, although it is backlit. Rear facing ports can be hit by screen if opened to far, not a problem for me because I use a wireless printer and Bluetooth mouse.  My laptop shipped with a big power charger that then fitted into the UK adaptor (Supplied by Teclast) but it is all a bit wobbly so I glued them together. again not a problem since it sits under a desk. More lately I also purchased a much smaller charger via Amazon with 1.5 metre lead.

    Tweaks always made in Windows 10 2004 on N4100/n4200 machines are – 1.  Disable background running apps in system, privacy, background apps. 2. In C drive, untick – allow this drive to have contents indexed, and also in Admin, services disable Windows file search. 3. In task manager check what is starting up at boot. 4. Remove all unnecessary games, news channels, rubbish, etc. Start up time on the F15 is about 25 seconds.

    All in all the Teclast F15 is an impressive machine.

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