Teclast F5, keys "1" and "2" not working

Teclast F5, keys "1" and "2" not working

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    I just got a Teclast F5 and I love it already! I have the problem described in Chris’s review: keys 1 and 2 does not work (shift+key: ! and @), and it’s more annoying than I expected (I actually use the physical keyboard a lot).

    Anybody found a fix for these non-working keys? Or know if it’s a harware or driver side problem?



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    Good Day Nimda….  I’m on my 2nd F5…. Love the things… first one was addicted to coffee and spilled and fried it…  Gearbest replaced it, no questions because it was within the time frame.. But I have had no issues like that on either laptop…  sometimes I accidentally leave the Fn +NumLk engaged and I get odd keystrokes until I wake up and realize what I have done.  Have you tried updating your drivers?…  TechTablets have the originals online.  Its a pain.. but I got mine all running great and use the intel driver updates…  https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/detect.html    to keep my pc updated… the only other issuses I had is 2 of my keys popped of due to rubbing a dusting clothe too hard and having to get replacement keys and hinges..

    But, yours sounds like some odd thing…   One thing I did have to do was to reset my bios… which is not fun, but that fixed alot of my issues… I’m not too computer literate, so I screw things up bad easily..  The Teclast F5 is a fun little sucker… I really enjoy it…

    I hope someone out there can help.  My input is probably not what your looking for, but I thought I give my little 2 cents..

    Enjoy Your Day!



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    Hi Nimba , I have the same problem on my F5 and the buyer (banggood) tell me give me back with ordinary post and when it arive and we veryfiy the problem we give back your money .

    to do that i must pay for spediction and i must wait 2 or 3 month . Thats incredible

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