Teclast F5 Original Win10 Drivers *complete*

Teclast F5 Original Win10 Drivers *complete*

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    I’m the new guy with the new Teclast F5 :).

    Read across some of the issues, particularly reinstallation of a fresh not-Home version of Windows. Doing that I lost the touchpad partly, lost the hinge sensor, some drivers were missing. Searching. The from an existing installation created driver pack here is unfortunately incomplete.

    So I jumped through the firerings, got me a Baidu account, installed that Chinese whatsoever Netdisk tool and got the full original driverpack from Teclast CN downloaded. This is the reference for any F5 installation, regardless of Win10 version. Wont get better than that.

    Installation is pretty straight forward, just unpack it and run the included setup.cmd with admin rights. It will add all missing drivers, already installed and newer ones will not be touched. The file is 100% original and unchanged, there are only drivers inside anyways. After this you still may want to update the Intel graphics and Wifi drivers, which are newer than the included set.

    Standard warning, use at our own risk.


    Source: http://www.teclast.com/tools/nb/nb.php?t=p (enter s5k5) => https://pan.baidu.com/s/18mOsn2XSsURm7Y06ZnSpPw

    Have fun!


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    Thanks for the info.. I wish you had posted this a few months ago when I had to figure it out by myself making me insane 🙂


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    Yeah, I feel with you :). Took me some days to figure this out thanks to the info here in the forum. Don’t know why the Chinese can not put the drivers up for free and easy download, they send these boxes around the world. Baidu is a complete nitemare.

    Anyways, the F5 works now as supposed to. I got rid of the Home version and replaced it with Win 10 LTSC, the version MS does not want us to use. Lean and clean, no bloat and spyware disabled. No Edge, no Store, no Apps, no garbage. Way to go.


    Zouz TheBrown
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    Hi! Do you have complete driver package for Teclast F15 please?


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    If anyone has a Baidu account could they please download the driver package for the Teclast F15 and reupload them somewhere!


    http://www.teclast.com/tools/nb/nb.php?t=p (enter k3d5)


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    I’m trying to download the Teclast F5R drivers from Baidu but for some reason I can only download the PDF with the instructions and not the 2 rar files that contain the drivers. Is there anyone out there that could try and download them for me. Here is the link.


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