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    I have this F5 since december 2018, and i used it without a fail since last month. First the SSD error came and had to purchase a new SSD and also gearbest made me a 45 usd refund for that.

    But now i have another problem at the left top corner and dont know what it is. I asked Gearbest and they said it might be because of an unintentional hack or maybe some liquid just leaked into it. I asked them if this thing grows, what will i do, and if can get a new screen.. Answer was no. What do you think guys? What can i do with that? Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

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    Good day…  Sorry to hear of your troubles, but it seems that your issues fall under the parameters of the 1 year warranty.

    My F5, about same age of yours, the keys started coming off.  I hounded GearBest for about a week, escalating the issue as far as I could. I requested the exact verbage of their 1 year warranty that deemed my issue as NOT COVERED. They could not. I had to send mine to an office in California and paid $20 to have a replacement expidited and received it here in Phoenix in 2 days.

    I was firm, but cordial.

    It took effort on my part. With the time difference, language barrier and always speaking with different representatives. Request 1 designated supervisor personally handle your case.

    From what I remember of the warranty I don’t recall an issue like your not being covered.  I can’t see any company that would deny your claim unless there is external neglegent handling on your part.

    If you have the time, huge bottle of asprin, I would fight.

    Good luck, sorry for the rambling!




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    @Etienne thank you very much for your consideration. I will speak to Gearbest again 🙂

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