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    <!–more–>hi everyone

    Fan of forums and reviews for a while

    Just got one of those for daughter and straight away wifi card (Intel ac3165) become very problematic

    It would work no problem for some time and then suddenly dissapear (done it after sleep, cold boot, once while under power) from device manager to be found under hidden devices with error code 45 (device not connected) when trying to update the driver it changes to error 10 (device does not exist)

    The only way I’ve found to bring it back is to disconnect the battery for few minutes

    You can imagine how frustrating it can be to have to do nearly everyday

    I’ve tried different version drivers, turned off all power saving options for wifi and pcie, fastboot, hibernation, reinstalled factory image, clean install of win none seem to have any effect

    Have any of You teclast users have came across something like that and may have definite solution for the issue?

    I’ve contacted the seller and they will take it back for a refund

    The thing is wee girl really likes it so do I hope for the best and try another unit or just cut my losses and go for a refund?

    Regards b.

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