Teclast F7 charger?

Teclast F7 charger?

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    Just wondering if anyone could recommend a compatible australian charger for the F7, the provided one has been acting a bit dodgy making loud cracks and shutting the laptop off immediately when plugged in so would be great to be able to buy a good quality AU charger for it or even a international one that I can use a adaptor with?



    Chris G
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    Hi, You should be able to find one in Harvey Norman, a multi-mode and plug power adapter for all types of tech. You know the packs with all the plugs and the switchable voltage. You need 12V and 2A at least and the plug must be negative on the outside, positive in the middle pin position or it will damage the laptop. I found one similar there and it works just fine. Or even some laptop power replacements.

    I would say Dick Smith, but they went out of business right?

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    I ordered from Aliexpress  a Digoo  DG-UA10 switchable adapter with 10 DC tips

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    Which DC tip do you use for the Teclast F7 ?

    I would like to use a 12v power bank, but I don’t know which DC tip to use.

    On the Teclast power supply the DC plug seems to be an unusual size (specific to Teclast ?)

    Thanks for your advice.

    Pete G
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    I reside in the US. The F7 shipped with an EU power supply. I want to order one for US. Does anyone know the barrel plug size (in mm)?

    Links would be really appreciated. Thanks.

    Mr Teclast
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    The Teclast F7 uses 12V 2000mA centre positive 3.5mm x 1.3mm

    I’m in the UK and this works for me: http://amzn.eu/d/bucIuFL


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    Hey! I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I could get a charger for the Teclast F7 in Canada. The link for amazon UK doesn’t work anymore and I can’t find the specific charger mentioned by JoeKI. I live in Canada and haven’t been able to find a DC tip that fits the Teclast F7 (most just don’t go all the way in). The seller I bought from couldn’t sell the charger only (basically told me to buy a new laptop -_- ). Does anybody know where I can get a charger in Canada, or buy one online and have it shipped to Canada? I’m getting a bit desperate here…

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