Teclast f7 keyboard fix – spilled liquid

Teclast f7 keyboard fix – spilled liquid

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    Hi folks,


    I have spilled a little amount of soup on the left side of the keyboard, the laptop works fine but keyboard doesn’t work in most places, some keys work some not. Ive disassembled the bottom cover and battery, unfortunately the keyboard is permanently fixed with plastic pins. I used hand dryer to heat it up so water would evaporate, but it didn’t help.


    What’s your thoughts about the problem, should I try to order new keyboard, damage the plastic pins and place new keyboard with glue (tape?)


    Funny thing is that some of the keys on the other side which were not covered with liquid doesn’t work, but some of those covered with liquid works fine. Maybe short circuit or something similar?




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    Either use a normal or bluetooth keyboard, or give it a go, are you sure you can’t push the top of the keyboard down towards the touchpad and then lift it out, maybe there are some small tabs to release?

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    Thanks for the link.

    I will probably use a Bluetooth keyboard, because there are small connectors made from super fragile plastic, I’ve tried to disconnec the battery from main board and it almost broke into pieces.

    It looks like it’s made none repairable for a purpose.

    What pisses me off is a fact that liquid touched only 4-5 keys, but now most of them 80% does not work.

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    Thank you for your link, I am also looking for this keyboard. It’s exactly the same as my old keyboard. And it is original.

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