Teclast F7 Plus – true weight?

Teclast F7 Plus – true weight?

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    I am puzzled about what the correct weight of the Teclast F7 Plus is.

    Teclast website say 1.5Kg

    Chris said 1.61Kg in his unboxing

    One other review says 1.292Kg, another said 1.359Kg

    So from Chris’s 1.61 to the lowest 1.292 we have a 318g discrepancy or 11oz – quite a big difference in weight? How can there be such a huge difference?

    https://www.priceboon.com/product/teclast-f7-plus/  – weight weighed at 1.292Kg

    https://www.awaqa.com/teclast-f7-plus-review-compact-laptop-buy-price/ – weight weighed at 1.359Kg

    Has anyone here got an F7 Plus that they can weigh ? 🙂


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    I can’t verify by myself but I would trust Chris. Check out his YouTube review. Cheers


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    I have one at hands, and can confirm it’s closer to the 1.6+ kg


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    Teclast tablets have always been heavy I guess, you can checkout the A10H https://mobilecryptotech.com/teclast-a10h/ it’s a nice tablet but weighs a ton (523g).

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