Teclast is looking for some Tbook advise

Teclast is looking for some Tbook advise

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    Dear Mayuyu, how things are going with the problem of reading memory cards on a 32GB X98 plus? How long are you going to collect statistics on your site, when they attempted to fix this problem?
    What news from your engineers on this issue? One gets the impression that you just throw dust in the eyes, in fact, doing nothing.
    Write to us what successes have been achieved in this regard to address the problem.

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    I’d like to see a laptop, competitor to the Asus T-100 but with less bezel like the X98+ and more RAM.  I use the X98+ mostly as a laptop, which works fine on tables, even airplane tables, but not so much on an actual lap.  Here is a thought, use the regular X98+ but make a great keyboard for it, and add a battery in the keyboard connectable to the x98+ that gives 24 hours of normal use.  It would be a very compelling offering and you could charge a premium price for the keyboard.

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    the most important thing. get rid of pwm and use a stable monitor !!!

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    For all those having sdcard reader problems for all x98 series tablets.  Will teclast pay for round trip shipment (from customer back to teclast factory, and then back to customer) to replace internal faulty sdcard reader?

    Some people thinks it’s teclast BIOS problem, some say it windows 10 driver issues, some say it’s android 5.X problem.

    I say it’s bad hardware selection and integration problem.

    If this sdcard issue is not fixed , I don’t think many of your customers will want to buy teclast products anymore in future.

    No use in asking what features we customers want to see in new teclast products if you cannot fix this SD reader problem.

    Before you sell your items, spend more time testing all the inbuilt features 100% before rolling out to the world.











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    😠😠😠+ 1 😠😠😠

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    How dare you come to this forum with your questions without providing answers to latent problems for 1 year?

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    I would surely never (never!) buy Teclast crap anymore. And I’m suggesting my friends and colleagues not to buy their products.

    Zero assistance, zero maintenance, zero updates, zero warranty… users have been totally ignored.

    Teclast just throw out new “models” with old issues and stop maintaining “old” models. 🙁


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    I agree. The Teclast company provides no support, no warranty, no updates, no usable website.

    I think Chris of TechTablets should stop reviewing your products so that no more unsuspecting readers are tempted to buy Teclast products.

    This site should blacklist your company.

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    I totally agree with Nicola and eGuru.

    I would never recommend to anyone to buy this crap. And I guess all these chinese “brands” are the same.



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