Teclast X98 Pro battery problem

Teclast X98 Pro battery problem

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    I would like to perform the advise to go to the dual boot menu but my problem is that it disappeared. How can get it?


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    To Fernando:

    I had the same problem. I did not find how to get it back.

    So, as far as I remember I simply flashed Android again (“dirty” install) (and maybe the BIOS aswell, not sure), and I got the boot menu again.

    As I said, another way to fully empy the battery is to leave the tablet powered on on the BIOS menu untill the tablet stop.

    You can access the BIOS by pressing “ESC” several time at the very begenning of the boot sequence (for this, you need to connect a physical keyboard on the USB port).

    Stephane Rousseau
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    Hello everybody,

    I start to become crazy now… My X98 Pro (K9C6) was working well but since yesterday it is very difficult to charge under Android.. that is detecting only “USB charging mode” and really not want to accept the power of my AC Power supply.. I checked and with others AC power (all 2.5 A. SAMSUNG and others…)… under android only keeping sloooow charging mode “USB Charging”..

    NOTE : if I switch to windows 10 mode It charges correctly…

    What went wrong in my android system ? I reinstalled it twice to factory settings… problem still there…

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    By the way, remember that you can access the BIOS if you hit the “ESC” key several time early in the boot (need a physical keyboard connected to the USB port of the tablet)

    You can access the BIOS too if you pulse power and vol+ buttons in the boot.

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    Hi, I noticed that it will quickly discharge the battery for several days. From the BatteryBar program it shows up to 14W of consumption when browsing the internet. And earlier, the consumption was from 4W to 7W. Nothing puts a load on the processor during inactivity, and despite heavy wear. He stayed for 6-7 h, and now 3 h. Sometimes he will show 4-5W and then he will go back to 11-13W 🙁 There are no viruses.

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