The Chuwi charging issue.

The Chuwi charging issue.

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    I just wanted to add my two pennies worth..

    I bought my Chuwi maybe two years ago.. in most respects it is great. BUT

    I use it permanently plugged in, if I unplug it it will switch off as if dead.

    Currently it states it is charging, but is at 0% and has been all day. It has been switched off the past 5 hours and plugged in.. 0%.

    About two days ago it was at 100% (This was normal) I had occasion to move it for one hour. It was left switched on but unused. When I went back to it, it was on 0%. Plugged it in and overnight it went to 1%, next night 2%. Today I unplugged it a number of times to try different cables. It dropped to 0%.

    Now, over months I have tried alternative cables and chargers. I have one USB charging banks that claims to offer 3.5 amp output. No, Chuwi doesn’t like it. Several cables none of which does Chuwi like.

    Even tried using the micro USB port to charge.. nope.

    So it insists on its own charger although that is rated lower.

    Now, it is working just fine, though with 0% available. ‘Plugged in and charging’ with no impact on available power.

    I’m grateful it still works, but this isn’t right..

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