The Warranty Group and Aliexpress lack of customer service…

The Warranty Group and Aliexpress lack of customer service…

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    Hi guys!

    Somewhere in July last year I bought Redmi Note 3 Pro from aliexpress, great phone with very good price in my opinion.

    Short story long it died one day just out of nowhere on beginning of February, I’ve opened a claim with TWG and send it to them, my claim was accepted on February 9th and I was told that I will receive my money back as they don’t have the phone to send a replacement. it’s been like 40 few days since there after few emails from TWG saying please be patient we can’t tell you anything else they just stopped replying.

    So I decided to take it to aliexpress they seemed to be sympathetic to situation and said they will help within 5 working days, obviously nothing happened so I contact them again another agent said that they colleagues didn’t actually do anything so they moved the case to “higher support team” another 48h waiting for reply from them I just get a quick auto message we look into it please don’t reply to this email bla bla bla….

    One week after I’ve decided to get in touch with them again another agent another story, this time he or she said, we can’t do anything you need to contact TWG. t to extend this post longer than it already is

    Not to extend this post longer than it already is Aliexpress warranty (which is obligatory to pay for extra is a massive SCAM!) you will most likely never receive replacement or refund and If you send your phone to them hey you lost it too!

    If any of you were/are in similar situation lets get together maybe we can do enough noise so our problem get sorted, or if you received your refund please tell me and other who may read how did you achieve it?


    Chris G
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    Thanks for the post on this I always wondered about it, that scam warranty on mobiles forced upon us and now I know from you it’s a scam. I’ve also talked to some sellers on Aliexpress and they aren’t one bit happy with it as it puts the price up like 8%? And they get nothing in return only scaring away customers. Some sellers offer a way around it with shipping to countries that don’t have the warrenty. Later they change the address for you.

    Often I buy from Aliexpress express due to them having items in stock a good month before retailers with PayPal I prefer like Banggood and Gearbest etc. At least we always have Paypal to back us up with any claims and issues etc.

    Let’s be honest here, Aliexpress are a bunch of crooks with this scheme and the Affiliate scheme. They have also robbed me when I stupid enough to post about 11.11 sales with Affiliate links to help make a little cash to fund buying the tech I review and pay my bills. Long story short it’s a scam, of all the sales I sent them, I got almost nothing in return they removed all my earnings. They later claimed the system removed duplicates etc and it was to prevent fraud. In otherwords, they just ripped me off. Later they little support I had just stopped listening answering.

    Unfortunately, I still have to use Aliexpress to gert certain items quickly to review, and there are some good deals. Otherwise, I wouldn’t touch these thieves at all.

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    Your article is very specific and detailed. It solved very quickly the problem I was having.

    James C.Brown
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