Thunderbolt turned off in bios ?

Thunderbolt turned off in bios ?

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    Steven Hepple
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    Just as a heads up, looked in my bios and thunderbolt was turned off. Is this normal as i thought thunderbolt was the usb c port bios control ? Could also be why some people cant charge properly from usb c port…..

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    Thunderbolt does not equal USB3.1

    The reason people cant charge the i9 from USB3.1 is because it isn’t a full USB3.1 spec connection, its missing the wire/connection for power delivery so even when you plug in a USB3.1 charger it has no pins to send power along, thus no charging. Its just Physically not there.
    Google “USB Type-C vs. USB 3.1 vs. Thunderbolt: What’s the Difference?” (cant post the link, says it makes my post look like spam)

    Steve Hepple
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    There are 2 ports capable of taking a charge on the i9…the 12 volt and the usb c type(dont know about the usb 3.x but doubt it). The 12v one has always worked, in what i call fast charge mode(its not officially that at all). That just means i can charge while i use the cube and it will put in more  charge han i am using. The usb c type USED to do the same ie i can use the cube and charge at the same time, and eventually the unit would be full. However this has ceased to be the case…and i have found the problem…its the crappy usb c charger that i purchased, it has stopped fast charging. However, it still charges but wont put more in than i use when  i am using the unit. even with all the power saving stuff on. Other people have also found the charger to break (choetech avoid as they wont honour 18 month warranty or reply to problems). I have since found out the thunderbolt setting in bios is mainly for tv out etc.

    many thanks.

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    Actually… it is a full usb type c 3.1

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