To re-install android for Chuwi HiBook without losing windows

To re-install android for Chuwi HiBook without losing windows

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    It is possible to re-install android without losing windows. As donmorsa greatly pointed out, you need Intel’s Flash Tool Lite. I used 64bit win 10.
    1) Power on the HiBook while holding volume up and volume down. You should get the Chuwi logo and the words “DNX FASTBOOT MODE..”

    2) Windows on my machine didn’t use the right driver. I had to manually change the “Intel Android AD” device driver to “Android Composite ADB Interface”

    3) Once the driver was changed, the intel flash tool recognized the HiBook

    4) Browse to where you extracted the HiBook Android.rar file. 7zip works great for extraction

    5) Choose “update” in the configuration drop box.

    6) Start the flash. For me, it got do 25% and stopped. The HiBook rebooted to the normal android recovery

    7) Windows again got the driver wrong. The HiBook shows up as a different device, so I had to again manually select the “Android Composite ADB Interface”

    8) I power cycled the HiBook,entering DNX boot and restarted the flash. This time it worked.


    MyHiBook now boots both windows and android.


    Some other tidbits:
    1) Press ESC or DEL to enter the BIOS at the CHUWI splash screen

    2) Press F7 to get a boot device selection menu

    3) The left and right arrows, followed by enter can select windows or android instead of the volume rocker


    Another method to re-install Android for Chuwi HiBook without losing windows:

    The Android system file download

    1.First unzip the folder and then copy all the sub-files to the root directory of the USB flash disk.

    2.Please format the USB flash disk into the format of FAT32.

    3.Please put the USB flash stick and USB keyboard to the tablet. Please turn on the tablet, at the same time, please press “F7”to enter the following step.

    4.Please choose UEFI: Generis, Partition 1 and press “enter” to flash BIOS. The tablet will turn on automatically when it is finished.

    5.When it is finished, please turn on the tablet and there will be an android icon that shows it is unzipping. When the unzipping is done, it will enter the interface of language choosing. Please choose the setting and enter the OS; Meanwhile, windows will be remained.


    All methods are copied from Chuwi Official Forum. If you want to know more details, please visit

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    hai emily

    I urgent to download windows 10 for my chuwi hibook, please give me link for that one,

    thank u

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    hai emily I urgent to download windows 10 for my chuwi hibook, please give me link for that one, thank u

    Please enter the Chuwi forum to download it (I have updated all links, they can work normally now).

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    There is a Chuwi Hi10 tab with 20150009xx serial number. I did not know which Bios was originally. I bought it for sale, android can not be installed because the dnx fastboot does not work. In vain, in the Bios, dnxfastboot will be displayed at a glance and disappears. I tried the EFI shell, but it starts flash, but after the system flash, it starts again and then nothing. You can not switch to fastboot and you can not crawl the installation. I would like to ask where I can find a suitable bios. I tried every bios on the side of the Chuwi forum. It works with a single bios that is 0001 to 11000. But let Android install it.
    And for this serial number, no android.
    Someone can help, thank you.

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    Thanks for this. I followed this to re-install android and it worked. However, there is a major problem with this android version. When installing it on the hibook pro, it barely registers touches, and its so bad that I can’t unlock the screen or move around without a mouse. Its definitely a problem with the software because when I switch to windows, the touchscreen is fine. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can fix this?? please

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