"Total identified Windows installations: 0"

"Total identified Windows installations: 0"

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    Let me go in depth with the story:

    I tried some fixes for the Windows Store that did not work. So I decided to reset Windows. Firs time, failed. Second time, failed and after the reboot, no sign from Windows to boot. So now I am using my Windows Installation (Windows 10 Pro) and trying the Troubleshoot section.

    So, the start repair doesn’t work and I used this command on cmd:
    bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd
    which basically says at some point:”Total identified Windows installations: 0″.
    I am downloading the Windows 10 ISO from the cube website (still 7hours..having 100Mbps in download and can’t feel them ’cause from China) but I was wondering..installing their ISO, my Windows version will be activated? If yes, then I will gladly keep waiting 7hours and format everything. Otherwise, can I use my Windows 10 Pro installation? Do I also need to rename the USB Drive to WINPE like some suggest? Also, the Pro version will affect the speed of the tablet? I will just use Netflix/OneNote and literally nothing else.


    Thanks in advance.


    P.S. Oh yeah, the Pen Drivers, I have what I realized the Wacom model (even though it’s been bought from the cube website, listed as 50$), are they called “ISD_DualTouch_7.3.4-36”?

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