touchscreen upside down after clean Win10 installation

touchscreen upside down after clean Win10 installation

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    Hi, I´m Marius from Germany and owner of an x98pro K9C6 with Andoid and Win 10. As I usually work with Windows and want more drive space, I desided to clean the hole internal ssd an make anclean Win10 insallation.

    I downloaded the drivers and software from this forum site and installed Windows 10 professional 64 bit Version.

    First thing, the Key from Win 10 home edition seems to be printed in the  uefi, so my professional Key won´t be recognized.

    Is there any chance to change into the professional Windows edition on this tablet?

    Second Problem is the touchscreen. It works upside down to the display, even when I change the screen in different directions (left, right or upisde down.

    When I use my usb keyboard and mouse, the touchscreen somtimes doesn´t work at all.

    I´d really be happy if someone could help me solving those problems.

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    The tablet comes with a Windows Home license. If you want to install Windows Pro you need to purchase a license for it.

    Regarding the touch screen issue, read the first post on the first thread on this forum:

    There’s another post with a FAQ. Look at the forum.

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    thank you for those tipps. I rad this thread before, but didnt recognize the last sentence with the file.

    But the other Problem with Windows 10 Professional isn t solved yet.

    I have a new licence key for this edition and I installed a Win 10 pro 64bit Downoad file from Microsoft support site on a usb stick as bootable installing medium.

    During installation I was asked for the installation key. I entered my Win pro key, but the installation prozess ended with win 10 home in the setting. The key wich is written in the settings is anotherone (I gess the original win 10 home) I have taken from my Professional Key.


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    You must repeatedly that drive installatin working with repeated reboot machine, watching cdm.exe works for you, you can all install same I’m win.enterprise

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