Try my touchscreen fix

Try my touchscreen fix

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    Wow what a difference.  Thank you for the version 2.  I just saw this thread so I didnt try version 1 but still great fix.  Most irritating thing was the latency of the keyboard.  Now how to fix the android side of it.


    Thank you again!

    Phillip Cline
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    Thanks for the notes. It’s cool to hear that others like my work!

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    Thanks Philippe

    First I was a surprised and a little disappointed about the laggy behaviour of the touchscreen.

    Finding this site and your work was as finding a diamant!

    Writing on screen KB goes fluently and smooth!


    M. Lin
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    This fix works great in Windows. Now I just need to fix the same thing in Android. I find it’s worse than Windows. I often have to touch something 2 or 3 times to get it to register. Playing games that’s a sure way to get me killed. Has anybody figured out a fix on the Android side?

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    Is it working for teclast x16 plus?

    Dieter van der Westhuizen
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    Thanks a million for the Windows touch screen fix.  ?

    Has anyone managed to get the android side fixed yet for Chuwi Hi12?

    What I’m running at the moment on my Chuwi Hi 12 dual boot (bios newest version):

    Remix OS 2.0 (rooted):  I’ve tried two apps to increase the touch screen sensitivity: 1. Touchscreen calibration 2. Touchscreen repair.  I’ve found a slight increase in the response time, although it’s still too bad to type with the on screen keyboard on Remix OS 2.0.


    The two problems I’m experiencing on Remix OS 2.0 is:

    1. When the tablet is attached to keyboard and goes into sleep mode, after few seconds it awakes from sleep mode to drain the battery.  This happens even when the tablet is closed.  Makes it extremely annoying because it goes on in my bag.

    2.  Touch screen response time bad.  I’m not sure are there any tested performance updates to make the touch screen response time better?  Is this the result of a calibration issue or a poor performance CPU or both?

    Does anyone have any resolutions to the above please?


    The Windows version runs much smoother I would say.  The problems which I experienced with Windows on the Chuwi Hi12 was the following:

    1. When using the touch pad and swiping down, the windows will be resized continually.  I have run the scripts to deactivate the Chuwi touch pad gestures which resolved this issue.

    2. Windows still powers down when the tablet goes to sleep after around 30 minutes, then I need to reboot the device.  None of the work I was working on is gone though… But the tablet needs to be rebooted…from the Android logo where one needs to select which OS to boot.  Is there any fix/explanation for this?

    I would appreciate help for the above since I still believe all above could (or has been already) be fixed.

    Best regards


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    On my Teclast X98 Plus I upgraded Intel Graphics, Kionix and Goodix drivers directly from manufacturers website. There are newever versions of drivers, and also they are pretty good and I see improvements with the touch, however, I would not recommend to go to do the upgrade unless you are prepared to spend a good part of the day to try to fix the screen orientation and then the touch sensor flip & shift. It took a while to figure out the settings file.

    I post quick summary here:

    Anyways, I would recommend to stick with drivers in the Teclast driver bundle on TechTablets or from Teclast.


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    Great job Phillip – after 1709 update my stylus was not working, but now it’s fixed! I appreciate it.

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    You utter diamond! Touchscreen has stopped working after waking from sleep. Reinstalling windows stopped it from working at all. Your file fixed it completely!

    Many thanks you complete legend!


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