USB OTG and Charge

USB OTG and Charge

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    Nelson Lian
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    I was watching the video where you were playing CS on the Chuwi Vi8

    You mentioned you were using this USB OTG hub –

    Are you able to charge and use attached devices at the same time? I am looking to plug in a keyboard and flash drive, while keeping the tablet charged. Thanks.

    Chris G
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    Hi, the cable I have that charges is this one here:

    If you use it in switch position 2, and reboot with the charging cable connected and the hub to the microusb port it does allow you to charge and use usb at the same time. It’s a slow charge, but it will stop you from draining the battery.

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    Nelson Lian
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    Thanks for the reply Chris.

    I’ll get that USB hub. Cheers.

    José Luis
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    I’m  also intersted in this setup, however the tablet I will use is the chuwi hi8 pro wich is a type C

    Any usb OTG Charger in that option?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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