USB-PD Power Bank for Mix Plus

USB-PD Power Bank for Mix Plus

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    Hi all, I’m trying to extend the battery life of my Mix+ for long plane trips and such.

    At first I tried powering it through the AC jack from a regular USB 2A power bank and a 5V->12V boost converter like this one but it wouldn’t take charge – the red LED would come on for a few second and turn off again. Tried multiple converters and even with my switching bench supply it wouldn’t work. The stock AC adapter is fine though. Has anyone experienced this too? Or is it just something wonky with my unit?

    Anyway, the other solution is a USB-PD power bank. But for travelling, I don’t want a giant 28Ah brick that I’ve seen people confirm as working on these forums. Unfortunately most 10Ah models only deliver 12V at most. For example, I’m considering this Blitzwolf P10 which supports the following:

    Output TYPE C Output: 5V=3A,9V=2A,12V=1.5A

    So, can anyone confirm if the Mix will charge with PD at 12V only? Thanks.

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    18W from power delivery is too small. You will need at last 24W power output. Preferable 30W.

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