Used for 3 weeks, got questions

Used for 3 weeks, got questions

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    Hey everyone!

    Got the X98 pro 3 weeks ago from china itself by my friend, and couldn’t use it much with Chinese language so had to reformat with the guide here. Got a couple of question here.

    1. Has anyone tried installing Windows 8.1? Will it work or brick my tablet?
    2. primary use it as light gaming, why i can’t update to latest intel driver, help?
    3. installed gesturework gameplay but doesn’t work, has anyone tried?
    4. Downloaded the Windows 10 images but it not an iso image, how to get it in my usb?

    Sorry for sounding like a noob, i really want to use it to the fullest. Gonna try and fraps Dead Space to show you guys.

    PS: Thx Chris, Trusted you and not disappointed with this tab (battery and camera not great, maybe bios update?)



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    i cant update the driver either.  and those who have, i’m not sure if they actually have installed the driver or not….  as when i try to install it, it says its not for this processor series…. which is odd….

    when i try to install the update, it shows everything just fine, no error messages.  but when i reboot and go back into the intel control panel, it still lists the same driver version.  so i tried to install the driver manually, and it came up with an error message that the driver isnt’ for this processor series.  so i’m not quite sure whats going on.

    if someone has been able to update the driver successfully, would you be able to upload a screenshot of the spot in the driver utilities in the intel graphics menu, where it mentions which driver version its using?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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