Voyo I7 vbook plus Benchmarks and motherboard

Voyo I7 vbook plus Benchmarks and motherboard

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    Hey all,

    I brought the  VOYO VBook i7 Plus Tablet Intel Core i7-7500U Dual Core 12.6 Inch 3K IPS 2880*1920 8GB RAM 256GB SSD from geekbuying

    A very nice tablet, BUT the thermals are just awful! the fan is super loud and its thermal throttling all the time, maybe Chris will help us with a guild to improve it.

    That said a i7 tablet for 607$ with keyboard and stylus i think it was  a great deal.

    I will add some benchmarks and picture of the mother board – note that i tweeked the CPU voltages and add a little thermal mod

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    I just wish so much they update it with 8gen CPU… I contacted themthalf a year ago amd got reply that they are working on new deviced, but can’t say anything more. And still nothing new on their site… When they make sometgiso with i7 8550/8559/8650 I’m  buying 😀


    Donald Stuart
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    I hope you have better luck than my experience with it. I bought one (on eBay, new) in July. It wouldn’t power on and had to be sent back to China about two months later. I got it back in about a month and in November it died again. The seller told me to take it to a computer dealer to repair, not to send it back. So, basically I have an expensive paperweight.

    No support from the seller or manufacturer. Decent specs at a decent price.


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